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Calendar of Club Events

Virtual Zoom Meetings during Covid-19

Virutal Zoom meetings are held on the second Monday EVERY month. Zoom meeting details are sent vial email so hackers can not crash and disrupt the meeting.

Please contact our club president Ken Rist (president@nutmegwoodturners.com) if you are interested in attending a meeting and need the Zoom meeting details.

Regular Meetings (Suspended during Covid-19)

Regular meetings are held the second Monday semi-monthly (January, March, May, September, November) at Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield, CT.

  • 6 to 7 pm – Informal Gathering, Library Open
  • 7:00 pm – Club Business and "Show & Tell"
  • 7:30 pm – Demonstration

Interested in joining our club? Please feel free to attend a regular meeting or two as a guest. When you are ready to join please click here.

Learn & Turn Meetings (Suspended during Covid-19)

Learn & Turn meetings are held at member's studios in the months when there is not a Regular Meeting (February, April, June, October, December). See schedule below for dates and times.

Summer Break (Suspended during Covid-19)

Family Picnic in July or August. No other club meetings.


We meet at the Brookfield Craft Center, thus we support the Craft Center. Please check here for classes at the Brookfield Craft Center.

Current Meetings, Events & Shows

2020, Jul 13th
Virtual Meeting Virtual Zoom Egg Shells Inlay demo by David Heim. Hosted by Ken Rist.

Click here for more info.

Past Meetings

2020, Jun 18th Virtual Meeting Virtual Zoom demo by Craig Timmerman. Hosted by Ken Rist.
2020, May 20th Virtual Meeting Virutal Zoom Meeting hosted by Ken Rist and Alan Ganek.
2020, Feb 15th Learn & Turn Turn a Kool Cat Bottle Stopper. Hosted by Carl Ford.
2020, Jan 13th Regular Meeting Psychedelic Bowl Demo by Carl Ford.
2019, Dec 14th Learn & Turn Sorry this Learn & Turn was canceled due to no project or project leader.
2019, Nov 11th Regular Meeting Turn a Golf Ball Ring Box Demo by Joseph Maiorano. Click here for handout.
2019, Oct 26 Learn & Turn Turn Pens for Troops. Hosted by Don Metz at the Brookfield Craft Center.
2019, Sep 9th Regular Meeting Airbushed Wood Dyes and Web-Fx Paint demo by Carl Ford.
2019, Aug 3th Family Picnic Anual Summer Picnic hosted by Russ Strasburger.
2019, Jun 8th Learn & Turn Show Your Bias Learn & Turn. Hosted by Jim Degen.
2019, May 13th Regular Meeting Turning a Sphere Demo by Martin Gerndt.
2019, Apr 13th Learn & Turn Bowl from a Log. Hosted by Carl Ford at his Studio in Poughkeepsie NY.
2019, Mar 11th Regular Meeting Three-sided Tool Handle Demo by David Heim.
2019, Feb 9th Learn & Turn Complete Beads of Courage Bowls. Hosted by Tom Evans at Brookfield Craft Center.
2019, Jan 14th Regular Meeting Thru the Looking Glass Demo by Sergio Villaschi.
2018, Dec 8th Learn & Turn Bird House Christmas Ornaments. Hosted by Don Metz.
2018, Nov 12th Regular Meeting Big, Bold and Fast Surface Decoration Demo by Carl Ford.
2018, Oct 27th Learn & Turn Turning Pens for Vets. Hosted by Don Metz at Brookfield Craft Center.
2018, Sep 10th Regular Meeting Furniture Legs Demo by Joe Larese
2018, Jul 21st Family Picnic Annual Family Picnic hosted by Steve Prior.
2018, Jun 9th Learn & Turn Captive Ring Weed Pot. Hosted by Jim Degen.
2018, May 14th Regular Meeting Pepper Mills demo by Sergio Villaschi.
2018, Apr 9th Regular Meeting Colored Epoxy Demo by Don Metz.
2018, Mar 12th Regular Meeting Fern Bowls demo by Jed Walker.
2018, Feb 17th Learn & Turn Beads of Courage Rough-Turned Bowls. Hosted by Jay Hockenberry at BCC.
2018, Jan, 8th Regular Meeting Canceled due to Snow.
2017, Dec 3rd Learn & Turn Turning Pens for The Troups. Hosted by Don Metz at the Brookfield Craft Center.
2017, Nov 13th Regular Meeting Bowl From a Board demo by Alan Ganek.
2017, Oct 21st Learn & Turn Turning Halloween items. Hosted by Carl Ford.
2017, Sept 11th Regular Meeting Sunset Offset Bowl demo by Jim Degen.
2017, Aug 19th Family Picnic Hosted by Don Metz.
2017, Jun 10th Learn & Turn Raffan style Scoops and "Sky Hook". Hosted by Jim Degen.

2017, May 8th Regular Meeting Sketch Up for Segmented Turning by David Heim.
2017, Apr 29th Learn & Turn Beads of Courage. Hosted by Brookfield Craft Center.
2017, Mar 13th Regular Meeting Jigs and Fixtures demo by all Club Members.
2017, Feb 11th Learn & Turn Milliput and Holiday Bulbs. Hosted by Jay Hockenberry.
2017, Jan 9th Regular Meeting Power Carving Textures on Woodturnings by Carl Ford.
2016, Dec 3 Learn & Turn Holiday Gifts. Hosted by Steve Prior.
2016, Nov 14 Regular Meeting

Inside Out Turning Demo by Alan Ganek.
2016, Oct 8 Learn & Turn Turning Plates. Hosted by Don Metz
2016, Sep 12 Regular Meeting Turning Plates Demo by Josh Friend.
2016, Aug 20 Family Picnic Hosted by Sergio Villaschi.
2016, Jun 18 Learn & Turn Turning Pillar Candlesticks. Hosted by Carl Ford.
2016, May 9 Regular Meeting Turning Plate Bowls by Carl Ford.
2016, Apr 9 Special Guest All day demo by Mike Mahoney at Brookfield Craft Center.
2016, Apr 1 Learn & Turn This Learn & Turn was canceled due to Mike Mahoney demo.
2016, Mar 14 Regular Meeting Turning Mushrooms by Martin Gerndt.

2016, Feb 27
Learn & Turn Turning Pens for the Troops hosted by Buster Shaw at the Brookfield Craft Center.
2016, Jan 11 Regular Meeting Back to Basics by Joe Larese.
2015, Dec 1 Learn & Turn Date and time TBD. Looking for a host.
2015, Nov 9 Regular Meeting Something New by Keith Tompkins.
2015, Oct 1 Learn & Turn Sorry, No Learn & Turn in October 2015. The host had to cancel.

2015, Sept 14 Regular Meeting 3D Printer and Turning by Ken Rist.

2015, Jun 6 Learn & Turn "I have a problem. Need help!" hosted by Don Metz.
2015, May 11 Regular Meeting Thin Stem Offset Goblet by Jerry Sambrook.
2015, Apr 18 Learn & Turn Turning Cat Recipe Holders. Hosted by Carl Ford.
2015, Mar 9 Regular Meeting Square Bowls on the Lathe by Buster Shaw. Last minute substitution when Jerry Sambrook could not make it.
2015, Feb 7 Learn & Turn Boxes for AAW Beads of Courage. Hosted by Don Metz.
2015, Jan 19 Regular Meeting Rolly Monro Hollower2 Demo by Carl Ford.
2014, Dec 6 Learn & Turn Turning Pens for the Troops. Hosted by Zach Hadlock.
2014, Nov 10 Regular Meeting Bird House Ornaments by Joe Larese.
2014, Oct 4 Learn & Turn Hosted by Zach Hadlock.
2014, Sep 8 Regular Meeting Jewelry on the Lathe by Buster Shaw.
2014, Aug 23
Family Picnic Hosted by Don Metz in Southbury CT.
2014, Jun 14 Learn & Turn Fun in the sun. Hosted by Jim Degen.
2014, May 12 Regular Meeting Once Turned Bowl Demo by Don Metz
2014, Apr 12 Learn & Turn Turning Pigs. Hosted by Don Metz.
2014, Mar 10 Regular Meeting Twice Turned Bowl Demo by Alan Ganek.
2014, Feb 22 Learn & Turn Turning Octagon Bowls. Hosted by Carl Ford.
2014, Jan 13 Regular Meeting Turning Antique Candlesticks by Carl Ford.
2013, Dec 14 Learn & Turn Turning Holiday Ornaments, Hosted by Steve Prior
2013, Nov 11 Regular Meeting Holiday Ornaments from the Lathe by Don Metz and Jay Hockenberry.
2013, Oct 19 Learn & Turn Hosted by Don Metz.
2013, Oct 13
Special Guest Fine Spindle Turning, Push Cut Bowl Turning, and Sharpening by Ashley Harwood.
2013, Sep 9
Regular Meeting Natural Edge End Grain Ogee Bowl by Jerry Sambrook.
2013, Aug 24
Family Picnic Hosted by David Heim in Oxford CT.
2013, Jun 15 Learn & Turn Turning various items hosted by Jim Degen
2013, May 13 Regular Meeting The May meeting was a tool swap/sale.
2013, Apr 27 Learn & Turn Weed Pots hosted by Steve Prior.
2013, Mar 11 Regular Meeting Duplicating Spindle Turnings by Hand demo by Jim Kephart
2013, Feb Learn & Turn Canceled due to no AAW Insurance.
2013, Jan 14 Regular Meeting Great Polyurethane Finish Tips and Tricks demo by Carl Ford.  [Photos & Videos]
2012, Dec 8 Learn & Turn Turning Christmas Ornaments Hosted by Don Metz.
2012, Nov 12
Regular Meeting Incising Techniques for Turners by Harvey Fein  [Photos & Videos]
2012, Oct 27 Learn & Turn
Turning Eggs from Firewood. Hosted by Steve Prior.
2012, Sep 10 Regular Meeting Good Turning Begins With Sharp Tools by Buster Shaw.   [Photos]
2012, Aug 11 Anual Pinic Family Pinic at BCC Turning Center.
2012, Jun 9
Learn & Turn Spindle Turning hosted by Joe Larese.   [Photos & Videos]
2012, May 14 Regular Meeting Not Your Father's Bottle Stoppers by Keith Tompkins.   [Photos & Videos]
2012, Apr 14 Learn & Turn Tool Handles and Colored Epoxy. Hosted by Don Metz.   [Photos & Videos]
2012, Mar 12 Regular Meeting So, You Want to Get Started Hollow Turning? by Matt Clarke
2012, Feb 25 Learn & Turn Mini Candle Sticks hosted by Steve Prior.   [Photos]
2012, Jan 9 Regular Meeting Turning Boxes by Joe Larese   [Details, Photos & Videos]
2011, Dec 3 Learn & Turn Small Holiday Gifts hosted by Steve Prior.   [Photos]
2011, Nov 14 Regular Meeting No Sanding Bowls by Carl Ford.   [Details & Photos]
2011, Oct 15 Learn & Turn Turning Christmas Items hosted by Corey Anderson in East Hampton CT.
2011, Sep 12 Regular Meeting Cigar Tubes by Joshua Friend. For Joshua's magizine article on "Wooden Tubes, Cigars, and Treasure Maps" Click Here.   [Photos & Videos]
2011, Jun 11 Learn & Turn Tree Identification Workshop hosted by Jay Hockenberry. Click Here for more information.   [Photos]
2011, Jun 18 Learn & Turn Weedpots and other small Spindle items hosted by Jim Degen
2011, May 9 Regular Meeting Cross Grain Bowls by Rick Angus
2011, Apr 2 Learn & Turn Lidded Bowl Boxes hosted by Don Metz
2011, Mar 14 Regular Meeting Copper & Pewter Metal Spinning by Ken Rist and Carl Ford.  Click here for Handout  [Photos]
2011, Feb 19 Learn & Turn Birdhouse Ornaments hosted by Carl Ford
2011, Jan 10 Regular Meeting Keith's New V-Skew by Keith Tompkins  [Photos & Video]
2010, Dec 11 Learn & Turn Finish Turning of Twice Turned Bowls at Brookfield Craft Center
2010, Nov 8 Regular Meeting Turning Pepper Mills by Jay Hockenberry  [Photos]
2010, Sep 13 Regular Meeting Photographing Your Work by Joe Larese
2010, Jun 12 Learn & Turn Candlesticks hosted by Jim Degen
2010, May 10 Regular Meeting Turning Candlesticks by Joe Larese and Carl Ford  [Photos & Videos]
2010, Mar 8 Regular Meeting Remounting Bowls to Finish and The Negative Rake Scraper by Buster Shaw and Jim Degen  [Photos]
2010, Jan 11 Regular Meeting Mounting and Turning Platters by Buster Shaw and Jim Degen
2009, Nov 9 Regular Meeting Carving Thin Walled Vessels by Jim Degen
2009, Oct 10 Learn & Turn Elegant Bowls hosted by Peter Marshall
2009, Sep 14 Regular Meeting Pens From the Lathe 101 by Buster Shaw
2009, Jun 6 Learn & Turn Bowls hosted by Jim Degen
2009, May 11 Regular Meeting Native American Indian Flute by Allen Nemetz
2009, Mar 9 Regular Meeting Using the Skew by Joe Larese
2009, Feb 14 Learn & Turn Dragonflies, Painting on the Lathe hosted by Jay Hockenberry
2009, Jan 12 Regular Meeting Painting on the Lathe by Carl Ford
2008, Dec 6 Learn & Turn Making Gifts hosted by Don Metz
2008, Nov 10 Regular Meeting Holiday Gifts from the Lathe
2008, Sep 8 Regular Meeting Making Tool Handels by Buster Shaw
2008, May 12 Regular Meeting Form and Design by Keith Tompkins
2008, Mar 10 Regular Meeting Duplicate Turning by Jim Degen & Buster Shaw
2008, Feb 9 Learn & Turn Custom Cones, Bowls, Sharpening hosted by Peter Marshall
2008, Jan 14 Regular Meeting Vacuum Chucking by Carl Ford
2007, Nov 12 Regular Meeting Turning Boxes by Joe Larese
2007, Oct 6 Learn & Turn Shop Made Jigs & Mounting Options hosted by Bob Rogers
2007, Sep 10 Regular Meeting Securing Wood On The Lathe
2007, Apr 14 Learn & Turn Bowls by Don Metz
2007, Mar 9 Regular Meeting Designer Birdhouse by Steve Sherman
2007, Jan 8 Regular Meeting Tree Bowls by Cory Anderson
2006, Nov 13 Regular Meeting Natural Edge Bowls by Jay Hockenberry
2006, Oct 18 Learn & Turn Basic Bowl Turning hosted by Don Metz
2006, Sep 11 Regular Meeting Introduction to Bowl Turning by Jim Deagen & Buster Shaw
2006, May 8 Regular Meeting Small Vases by Carl Ford
2006, Mar 13 Regular Meeting Turned Furniture Legs by Bill Oakley
2006, Jan 9 Regular Meeting Turning Tool Handles by Steve Robertson
2005, Nov 19 Regular Meeting Turned Bandsaw Boxes by Beth Ireland
2005, May 9 Regular Meeting Skew Chisel Technique by Andy Barnum

Note: The Nutmeg Woodturnes League was established in 1989. Thus the above is not a complete list. Anything prior to 2010 was created in Nov 2010 by reading old newsletters, emails, etc. If there is something wrong, missing, etc send email with corrections to Carl Ford (webmaster@nutmegwoodturners.com)