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Video Monitors

All Nutmeg club meetings in the Brookfield Craft Center Turning Studio feature the use of video monitors to allow members to get a better view.

The Brookfield Turning Studio set up for a Nutmeg Club meeting on May 9th, 2016. (Note: After the return of the Nutmeg club meetings to Brookfield.)

3/7/2018 Update: The Demo Lathe at Brookfield is now a Powermatic 3520B. NOT a Jet lathe like shown in photos. I need to take some new photos.

The video monitors set up for a Nutmeg Club meeting. The video cameras and lights hang from the ceiling so they don't block peoples direct view of the demonstrator. See above and below photo.

Another photo of video monitors.

Photo of video monitor during a demo.

Another photo of video monitor during a demo. For scale, that white ball on the left is a golf ball, mounted on a Oneway live center. (From a completely different demo!)

Note: Click here for old monitor set up in Zach Hadlock's studio (9/2013 to 9/2015).